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    GeoVera Specialty Homeowners Products

    • Available in select areas of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia
    • Minimum Coverage A $100k, Maximum $1m
    • Occupancy types: Primary, Seasonal/Secondary, Tenant Occupied, and Vacant
    • HO3 with Wind
    • Wind Only policy available in select areas of Alabama, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana
    • See GeoSource for state specific guidelines

    We provide a Dedicated Service Team authorized to help with all GeoVera Specialty needs. Including:

    Customer Service

    • Underwriting Questions
    • Endorsement and Cancellation Processing
    • Quote and RCE Assistance
    • Form and Endorsement Guidance
    • Payment and Processing Inquiries
    • Cancellation/Reinstatement Processing-Exceptions
    • Exception/Expedition Processing
    • Direct Access to GeoVera’s proprietary internal system for GeoSource


    • Premium Collection and Allocation
    • Commission Issuance
    • Refund Issuance

    Technical Support

    • Login Setup
    • Login Assistance
    • Troubleshooting Issues with GeoSource, Browser Configuration, Users, Quoting/Binding, Agency Maintenance, and Much More.
    • NRS saves you time and effort with all your GeoVera Specialty needs while providing the highest commissions and unrivaled service.


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