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    Renters Insurance

    All carriers are A.M. Best rated A or higher. Not all business will qualify and may not be available in all states. The Underwriting and Coverage options below are a general summary. Coverage may vary depending on the state and risk. Please contact your Account Executive for details specific to your risk.

    Insurance for Farm and Ranch

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    Renters (Online Quoting)

      • Applicant is the full-time tenant of a dwelling, apartment, condominium,
        cooperative unit or a unit in an assisted living facility
      • Named insured can be an individual(s), trust, estate, limited partnership,
        family partnership or LLC
      • Coastal exposures are acceptable (excluding wind and hail coverage)
      • Applicants with one prior loss in the last three years
      • Protection class 1-9 acceptable

    Product Advantages

    • Personal injury included
    • Personal lines forms for entities other than individuals
    • Can include landlord as additional insured
    • Ability to quote and bind online

    Available Limits

    • Coverage C up to $200,000 (for policies not endorsed with Senior Tenant Endorsement)
    • Coverage D up to $200,000
    • Personal liability up to $1,000,000
    • Medical payments included at $5,000

    Most Common Ineligible CHARACTERISTICS

    • Applicant resides in a nursing home or dementia care facility
    • Applicant rents a dwelling with an unfenced pool
    • Applicant is a college student
    • Unit or home is undergoing renovation
    • Unit or home has woodstoves or space heaters
    • Unit or home has a business exposure, child care or farm exposures
    • Unit or home is rented to college students or has roomers or boarders
    • Unit or home is located in a protection class 10
    • Risk is located in AK, AL, CA, FL, HI, KY, LA, MS or WV


    • Senior Tenant Endorsement – residents of an assisted living, residential living or independent care facility may purchase this endorsement to provide special limits of liability for property items unique to a senior tenant living
      scenario (available in PA and NJ only)
    • Renters Protection Plus Endorsement – optional value-plus endorsement offered to increase specified limits of liability for specific property items
    • Pet Damage Endorsement – optional endorsement offered to provide coverage for property damage caused to the residence premises by applicant’s pet


    Business Resource Center, Provides centralized access to business solution vendors for all policyholders

      • Human resources services
      • Pre-employment and tenant screenings
      • Identity theft protection
      • Marketing resources

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